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Little Tobago (Bird of Paradise) Nature And Snorkeling Tour

The Tour: You will need to obtain a permit to visit the island, so please advise the staff at Manta Lodge a day or two in advance of your plans so they can secure this permit for you. This is an unguided tour you can easily make by yourself. The transfer to take you to the boat departs Manta Lodge at 8:00 a.m. for the 20 minute boat ride to Little Tobago. The crossing can be a bit rough at times, but the trip is well worth it.

The island has been a wildlife sanctuary since 1926, and is home to 50 species of native birds including many very impressive seabird colonies. It is the only location on Tobago where you can get incredibly close to such a wide variety of nesting birds.

Make your way up a set of concrete steps to the wardens cottage, present your permit, or if the warden is not there, simply sign the visitors log and continue on.

Red Billed Tropicbird Image courtesy of Roger Neckles

Your path takes you eastward to a lookout point that is ideal for viewing colonies of the gracefully flying Red-billed Tropicbird. The lookout area also offers optimal viewing opportunities at close range of Sooty and Bridled Tern, Brown Booby, Red-footed Booby, Magnificent Frigate Bird, Laughing Gull, and Brown Noody, though sighting will always vary depending on the season. Little Tobago as viewed from Manta Lodge

Heading back down the trail, you will come to a well trod path just past the warden's house that leads uphill into a deciduous seasonal forest environment. Birds to look for soaring above the forest include the Peregrine Falcon and Broad-winged Hawk. Crested Oropendola can be found roosting in bamboo plants, flocks of Short-tailed Swifts darting about the sky in search of insects, and Blue-crowned Motmot, Venezuelan and Brown Crested Flycatcher perching in the forests undergrowth.

After walking the island spend an hour or two snorkeling or relaxing on the beach until your scheduled pick up time. If the season is right keep your eyes open for flocks of Spotted Sandpiper darting along the beach. Bridled Tern

If sea conditions allow, your boat captain may opt to circumnavigate the St Giles Islands on the return trip. Many authorities consider St. Giles to be the most important seabird breeding grounds in the southern Caribbean. It is also the nesting place for Red Footed Booby's and Magnificent Frigate Birds.
Duration: Departure 8:30 a.m. 5 hours approximate.

Price: US $55 per person including tax. Minimum of 2 persons.

Included: Round Trip Boat transfers to the island, Birds of Trinidad and Tobago Checklist. Snorkel gear not included.

What to Wear: Bathing suit under cover-up or shorts/t-shirt, Teva�s or Sport Sandal if possible, otherwise walking shoes or sneakers, hat or visor. A Light rain slicker in the rainy season is also recommended.

Packing Considerations: Dry bag if at all possible or back pack with Binoculars, Camera (put in plastic zip lock if no dry bag is available) pencil/pen for completing Checklist, Bird Book, Sunscreen, Beach towel, mask/fins/snorkel, Kleenex or TP (there are no rest rooms available on the island), waterproof watch. Bring plenty of drinking water and a light snack as no provisions are available on island and in the (unlikely) event your pick up time is delayed due to weather.

What You Don�t Need: Money or your room key. If you would like to tip the boat captain you can do so once you are back at the Lodge, and your room key can be left with the Front Office staff.

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