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Tobago Dive Experience is housed within the grounds of Manta Lodge, within a five minute truck ride to our dive departure area at the Speyside Jetty. Once we meet the boat, the dive equipment is loaded aboard one of our three specially designed dive boats for the short journey to the dive site.

The boats depart at 9:00am, 11:30am and 2:00pm, returning between each of the dives to give guests a chance to take a break, get a drink or light snack before departing again for the second or third dive of the day. Night dives can also be arranged departing at 6:30pm with a minimum of 4 divers.

Tobago Dive Experience dives every day of the year, and the guides are experts at finding the best dive sites based on weather and current conditions, coupled with the requests of and experience levels of the divers.

There are some 30 dives in the Speyside area alone, with the bulk of diving on Tobago being drift diving. For this reason, the Association of Tobago Dive Operators requires all divers to wear a safety sausage. Don't worry if you don't have one, as we have them to rent, along with a full line of rental gear.

The cycles of the moon have a dramatic effect on the currents along the coast of Tobago. Typically a few days prior to a full moon divers can anticipate stronger currents, which can make for very exciting high energy drift dives!

The experts at Tobago Dive Experience can always find calmer sites for novice divers, but those looking for that adrenaline rush will enjoy the enhanced rides during full moon periods.

The waters of Tobago teem with colorful reef fish and healthy corals, but it is the encounters with the "Giants of the Drift" that truly set this island apart from all other Caribbean dive destinations.

In addition to Southern Stingrays, Morays and Nurse Sharks, Tobago's "Giants" include a variety or Turtles and Tarpon sightings from May to August as they migrate past Trinidad & Tobago, and for the lucky few, a chance encounter with a Mola Mola (Ocean Sunfish) in the open waters off the northern coast, where they come to feed on jellyfish and other soft-bodied organisms. The Mola Mola drift at the surface while lying on their side, or swim upright and so close to the surface that their dorsal fin projects above the water. Encounters with them are rare and unpredictable, but totally unforgettable!

Another Giant of the Drift quite commonly seen is the Manta Ray. They are frequently seen in the waters off Speyside anywhere from December to June, with the April and May being especially exciting as the Mantas begin to mate - a season that many refer to as "Manta Madness." Mantas can also be spotted during the annual period of Coral Spawning each fall.

Leatherback Turtles and the Great Hammerhead - the largest of the hammerhead sharks, are more often seen at a site on the central portion of the north coastline known as The Sisters. The Sisters are actually a series of five rocky pinnacles rising up from 130 feet. Between the pinnacles are a maze of canyons and sand chutes that harbour all manner of marine life.

Dive trips to The Sisters are best suited for advanced divers, since the area is subject to strong currents and large swells. Weather conditions can also render The Sisters "un-divable" at certain times. For this reason, dives to the site can not be pre-booked, and need to be arranged once on island. This dive requires a $70.00 per person upgrade if on the standard dive package.  

One special site you should definitely request to visit (for no additional charge!) is a site Tobago Dive Experience owner Sean Robinson has dubbed "Dead Man's Point." This recently discovered site lays claim to a heavily encrusted human skull and a nearby antique anchor. Tobago Dive Experience is the only operation on the island that knows the whereabouts of this site, which just may have a tie in to the tales of Robinson Crusoe!

A la carte dive packages
Please visit our Rates and Package Page for information

A La Carte Dive Rates Rates Valid Through December 21, 2014
Single Tank Dive $  54.00
2 Tank Dive $  94.00
3 Dive Package (same day) $ 135.00
6 Tank Dive Package $ 257.00
8 Tank Dive Package $ 342.00
10 Tank Dive Package $ 410.00
St Giles Upgrade to Package $  35.00
Sisters Upgrade to Package $  70.00

All prices are quoted in US dollars and are subject to 15% VAT tax.
Upgrades to dives at St. Giles & Sisters and night dives need to be booked on island.
No service charges are added for the diving. Tipping at clients discretion.
Nitrox is available for $15.00 per tank surcharge.

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